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Spellblade down!

by Warmfingers, 4 days ago

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Trilliax Down!

by Warmfingers, 31 days ago

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Chrono Down!

by Warmfingers, 31 days ago

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Skorpyron Down!

by Warmfingers, 44 days ago

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Ursoc Down!

by Warmfingers, 139 days ago


rip in pieces, Bear god - Meow 1978


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Bird bitch dead!

by Warmfingers, 143 days ago

Renferal Screenshot


Renferal dead! Great job team. Better late than never for the upload ;)

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Raider Spotlight: Boosa

by Deuscariot - The Captain, 191 days ago

Welcome to the 2016 Raiding season gang! As part of our ongoing effort to engage with our members here on the guild site we've decided to begin doing raider bios where we feature a brief story about some of our more beloved and dedicated members. This week, we want to introduce you to one our main tanks - Boosa.


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The Emerald Nightmare and You: Druid Dancing In Dark Town 2

by Deuscariot - The Captain, 199 days ago

Alright gang, listen up. We're now only one week off from Emerald Nightmare raid of infinite glory and you know what that means! Bingo! Willow is going to tell you to watch those raid videos that you will eventually claim you watched but really never did.

So new expansion, new you, let's actually post some videos in advance so if you do feel like being a one-raider army and learning some of the fight mechanics in advance, you totally can.


Nythendra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QC-DoFyvd2Y


Barfy the dragon pukes green all over your raid and everybody gets the plague. The dps refuse to dodge mechanics and get a giant stacking dot that never goes away. It’s like herpes, or glitter. She’s a healing and mechanics check.


Ursoc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCGe7duc6Ws


Emo bear throws a tantrum and charges your tank. He knocks people back and swipes around and whatnot. He’s basically a dps check with a narrow enrage timer.


Elerethe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_vsV1zU5M4


Corrupted Druid makes you chase her around while your raid kills each other with her many, many, many, friendly fire mechanics. You poison each other with more barfing all over. You spawn adds on each other. You get linked together and deal damage to each other. It’s basically a fight meant to make you hate everyone you know.


Dragons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaZpPAhnYTw


Whole mess of dragons doing different things and periodically leaving the fight to watch the other dragons kill you instead.


Il’gynoth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK395viRGv0

An evil eyeball blocks you from entering an evil tree and you kill slime piles near it to make it cry and open up so you can go inside the evil tree and fight its eyeball heart thing but sometimes you still have to go back outside and kill more slimes. What even is this?


Cenarius: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXG3LdAkigQ


Druid dad brings a whole circus of adds to fight you but good guy Malfurion is there to get your back.


Xavius: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1GMRbFdjVQ

Big goat man makes you trip acid and you have to dodge mechanics that only you can see and then you become mind controlled and kill your healers.

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Big Legion Preparedness Guide To Being Prepared

by Deuscariot - The Captain, 216 days ago

Welcome to the League of Friends Guide to Legion Preparedness in Legion or LOFGTLPIN for short. This guide is a structured Q&A that provides resources to common questions you have about the Legion expansion and how best to position yourself to rise from being a lowly scrublord to being a successful raider. Let's begin!


Q: When can I play Legion?

A: Probably Wednesday (8/31) or Thursday (9/1) since the servers on Tuesday are basically going to be taking naps as often as the guests at a Bill Cosby sleepover.


Q: When I finally get into this fking game where do I begin?

A: Simple. You need to immediately unlock your Order Hall and first Artifact Weapon. This will decide what artifact you have available to you for the first 2 levels of Legion until you can unlock a second one at 102. Your Order Hall also begins the broader questing and expansion as well as allows you to send out Order Hall missions to complete various objectives and obtain resources.


Q: What's the best way to level in Legion?

A: Questing is unanimously considered the best way to level in Legion. Dungeon XP has been significantly reduced and is considered extremely inefficient now. So keep that in mind as you plan your leveling.


Q: Where should I begin on the map?

A: All regions and dungeons pre-110 are now scaled up or down to match the current level of the player. So you will have access to all regions and almost all dungeons right at lvl 100. For this reason, there is very little difference between the regions regarding where you start. One thing that has been recommended is identifying what region your Profession quests begin in and start there.


Q: Profession Quests?

A: Yes, in Legion all professions have a quest chain associated with them that will send you to a specific region. This can be obtained early on.


Q: So what's the general deal with artifacts?

A: Artifacts basically have their own talent trees and consume Artifact Power as a resource ot increase their power. By increasing your artifact's power it unlocks new "traits" that can increase spells, utility or flat stats like +3% dmg, etc.. However, with each purchase made the cost will increase for future purchases to the point of requiring weeks or months of farming to buy single trait increases. To this end, it may be considered somewhat inefficient to focus on more than 1 artifact early on as spending points on a second artifact will reduce how quickly you can max your first.


Q: How can I increase artifact power gains?

A: Artifact power scales with your level so there's no reason to worry about saving it or about optimizing its use. However, at level 110 you can begin researching an Order Hall project called "Artifact Knowledge" which dramatically increases how fast you acquire new artifact power. This will allow you to push your primary artifact further toward mastery and possibly catch up a second or third artifact down the road.


Additional reading on artifacts: http://www.wowhead.com/guides/legion/artifact-weapons


Q: What about Order Halls, what good are they?

A: Order Halls server as your base of operations and are very important through the Legion expansion. Much like your Garrison you can do a number of daily tasks here including sending out missions, customizing and upgrading your artifact and acquiring unique class-specific buffs. They are shared with all other players of your class.


Q: Anything else I should know?

A: Each class has an Order Hall Campaign, it's a giant, epic quest line associated with your war against the Legion. This is very important and unlocks many features critical to the Legion end-game. You should focus on doing these quests as soon as they're available as they grant you a good deal of artifact power and XP and may be necessary to progress in the expansion.



Additional Reading on Order Halls: http://www.wowhead.com/news=252294/how-the-legion-class-order-hall-campaign-works


Q: How does Warforged and Titanforged gear work?

A: In Legion, every item has a chance to drop with randomly increased item level by increments of 5. +5, +10, +15, etc.. Up to a maximum of +60 item level. Each additional increment reduces the chance of an increase. So while +5 ilvl may be fairly common, +60 is extremely rare. Anything 5-15 is considered a "Warforged" piece and anything above 15 is a "Titanforged" piece.


Q: Does this include raid and dungeon loot?

A: Yes, it includes everything but your artifact. So in theory, a Mythic dungeon could drop a piece of gear nearly as good as a Mythic raid if you got incredibly lucky. LFR raids could drop gear as good as Heroic raids under the same scenario. Mythic raids could drop gear that's far more powerful than baseline Mythic drops in the same dungeon. This means that many, many forms of content are important and could offer powerful upgrades. You will not simply be farming 1 tier of content in this expansion.


Additional Reading on iLvl System in Legion: http://www.wowhead.com/news=253854/titanforged-in-raids-and-the-end-game-reward-system-in-legion


Q: What about max level before the raids?

A: The raids launch 3 weeks after the expansion but in the mean time, aside from farming dungeons and trying to acquire sweet Titanforged gear you'll need to begin working on reputation and unlocks at an end-game zone called Suramar. This region is the base of the first raid and also where you unlock the final two 5-man dungeons at launch. There's A LOT of stuff going on in this region and it's meant to be a major timesink for the early expansion end-game so just read this: http://www.worldofmoudi.com/suramar


tl;dr: Suramar is important.


Q: So what about professions?

A: Professions have been overhauled and provide less overall "stuff" but the "stuff" they do provide is now more universally useful and built on a bigger storyline component. Each profession now has a quest line attached to it.


Additional Reading on Professions in Legion: http://www.wowhead.com/guides/professions/legion/professions-overview

Please feel free to add more stuff.

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by WillowCyarra, 217 days ago

photo Archie M Kill_zps0p55wv0h.jpg

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